"on your left!!" marvel yells at dc as they pass them, then promptly trip on their own feet and fall flat on their face


Balint Zsako, Series 1, #4, #23 & #24. watercolor and ink on paper, 2014. on view now at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary in Toronto until August 15;

If those powers were to prove too much for him to handle, I want you to bring him back to me at once.

As for the fate of Hope Pym’s mother, Janet Van Dyne — aka the original the Wasp — actor Michael Douglas revealed that she is indeed in the movie but dies in some sort of accident.
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Hair styling in London, C.1960’s


sonic inspires people to refuse work. sonic is the instigator of communist revolution. i cant believe it.


coo………..thank you…………………


whatever else marvel does from here on out. at least I will always have cap 2

Chris Pratt’s obsession w/ Lionel Richie’s “Hello” in the GotG London press conference. 


Meanwhile, Korra discovers the shocking truth about the group that’s be after her!” 

Chris Evans is overwhelmed by all the journalists.

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